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Your real estate agent can make or break the deal. That’s why choosing the right representative is crucial.

You deserve a partner who is invested in your success. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities, Third Power Properties is the company to call.

As top real estate agents Los Angeles and years-long residents of this amazing city, we live and breathe real estate, having represented high profile listings in and around LA County.  Our portfolio includes some of the most sought after homes in Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and beyond.

What makes us successful is our teamwork and chemistry – as partners in work and in real life, we understand the importance of commitment, collaboration, and most of all, loyalty.

We’re proud to say that we at Third Power Properties combine our strengths to offer the best service possible. Kelly brings real estate expertise to the table, while Anastasia has an entrepreneur’s grit and marketing skills. With a team like ours, there’s just no missing out on an incredible real estate deal.

With over 25 years’ experience in creating and running successful businesses in the Los Angeles area – one of the most competitive and challenging markets for entrepreneurs in the world – we have captured the tastes of discerning and elusive consumers who want nothing but the best.

Our background in business and service allows us to offer bespoke and personalized attention to all our clients.

Kelly Gleason

Agent/Broker and Co-Founder

Owner-broker Kelly Greason is the brains behind Third Power Properties, a seasoned real estate agent and broker with a knack for negotiation.

Originally from Virginia, Kelly first made his mark on Los Angeles’ restaurant and hospitality industries, where he learned the fine art of customer service as well as the delicate practice of creating unique experiences for sophisticated and hard-to-impress clients.

His focus then shifted to LA real estate, one of the most competitive but exciting markets in the United States for agents and brokers.

It was here that he found his calling as a buyer’s and seller’s representative, co-co-founding and co-managing Third Power Properties with Anastasia.

His client-focused approach to real estate and formidable negotiation skills have allowed him to secure the highest sales price for clients. The base of his business is made up of referrals and repeat clients who trust his judgment.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing jazz and classical music on the piano. Kelly also adheres to a healthy and holistic lifestyle that includes Yoga and exercise.

Anastasia Israel

President and Co-Founder

Owner-entrepreneur Anastasia Israel is the creative force of the company. With a strong inclination towards innovation, and entrepreneurship, she brings out-of-the-box-thinking to the table, constantly finding novel ways to solve common problems.

Her leadership skills had her managing a staff of 40 at the age of just 21 at her father’s multi-specialty dental group. Showing great potential from a young age, she ventured into design, creating “Anastasia’s Asylum”, the premier café, restaurant, gallery, and entertainment space in Santa Monica in 1992.

After meeting Kelly, she helped raise over $2 million in funds to create an even more ambitious business – one that would be recognized among the most celebrated fine dining restaurants in the City of Angels.

She would go on to create a consulting and marketing company catering to property investors, brainstorming and facilitating ways that could maximize their returns on these assets.

A true Libra, Anastasia would also lend her creativity and artistic talents to these clients, designing hundreds of interiors and creating environments that promote well-being, comfort, and beauty among those who inhabit these spaces.

In her free time, Anastasia practices yoga and meditation to maintain a sense of balance. She also does