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Design & Stage

Home Staging is a key to Selling or Leasing a Home

We transform every property to stand out from the competition whether it is for Sale or Lease
A staged property sells 88% faster and typically for 20% more than a nonstaged property

Vacant homes often linger on the market. They are cold and uninviting, and without anything else to look at, each minor imperfection becomes a focal point. Staging transforms a vacant house into a home a buyer can fall in love with. A well staged home will appeal to buyers’ emotions and help them envision themselves and their families living in – and loving – your home.

If you are looking to rent our your investment property we are qualified to offer assistance in preparing the property for lease. We offer a much broader range of services, painting, landscaping, repairs and construction. Redesign of a space, removing flooring, walls recreating kitchens, whatever it takes to create a functional desirable space to yield you the most out of your investment property.

Living in your home while it’s on the market? We will advise on how to use what you already own to make your home
more appealing to buyers. Recommendations include optimum furniture arrangement, what to remove, how to repurpose your existing furnishings for a fresh feel, paint, flooring, fixtures (and other cost-effective updates), and how to achieve a designer look with art and accessories.

Looking to lease your property as a furnished rental? We will design it to attract savvy, style-conscious tenants. From furniture and art to linens and dishes, we’ll give your rental 5-star appeal.

Not planning to sell, but just want to spruce up your living space? From space planning and paint color selection to fixtures, art and accessories, we’ll make you fall in love with your home again.