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Choose Your Listing Agent Well

The choice of listing agent will be one of the most important than any seller makes. There is a lot of property for sale in Los Angeles, which makes it vital for a home to stand out in order to secure a fast sale. The real estate market in this area is incredibly competitive, which means that it is vital to choose the right listing agent. Have a look at the key reasons why the choice of listing agent will have a huge influence on the entire sales process, and which factors are most important when deciding which listing agent go with.

Choose an Agent That Has the Right Experience

There is no use hiring a real estate team that is only experienced in other areas. Local market knowledge is vital since local trends can be different to state/national trends. Additionally, it is important to pick a listing agent that has a proven sales record of homes in your area with similar characteristics to yours. This shows that the listing agent has the ability and knowledge required to get the best price for your home.

Ask About Their Marketing Strategy

One of the most useful things that a listing agent offers is their marketing tools, and contacts. When you are interviewing candidates, you should definitely ask them about how they plan to sell your home. You won’t need to expect a detailed plan, but an outline should be given. They should be able to tell you which tools they will use, and justify their marketing decisions. Ask about their specific distribution/promotion strategy, and allow them to explain how they will use a comparative market analysis to make the best decisions.

Don’t Pick a Listing Agent Just Because They Offer a High Listing Price

All homeowners want to get the maximum price for their home, but it is never straightforward. The best real estate agents will use a comparative market analysis to make a decision on the listing price. Setting too high of a price can steer away buyers and keep the home on the market for longer. Some real estate agents will offer a high listing price purely to entice home sellers to choose them. Setting the correct listing price is vital for securing a fast sale. If the price is too high, then your home will simply get ignored, and in a few weeks it will become unappealing to home buyers. Therefore, do not fall for the illusions of thinking that a high listing price means a high sales price. An experienced listing agent will talk with you and conduct research into the local area to decide upon the optimal listing price.

Don’t Get Caught up On Commission Price

Another aspect to watch out for is real estate agents that offer a comparatively cheaper commission fee than competitors. Of course, it is important to get the most value for your money. But, choosing the cheaper option may actually lose you money if the home fails to sell quickly enough. Think about why a certain real estate agent may have a low commission price. It may be because the agent offers a low quality service, or that they do not have enough experience in the local area. Experienced real estate agent teams will charge a fair commission fee, but it is valuable due to their specific knowledge of the local area and marketing tools at their disposal. This leads to a faster sale for the right price, which makes the commission fee good value for money.

The Key Traits of an Excellent Listings Agent

There are a few essential traits to look out for when hiring a listings agent. These are the characteristics that separate the best from the rest, and it is well worth looking out for them in the interview process.

Experience and qualifications are essential for all listing agents to have. The ideal listing agent is one that has spent years in your local area, and also one that is sufficiently qualified. Be sure to ask them more about their qualifications, and also inquire on how their past experience in the area will help to sell your home. Negotiation skills and communicative skills are two other highly significant traits for listing agents to possess. Negotiations will form a key part of the selling process, and quick decisions will need to be made. A listing agent must be able to communicate clearly, and also make themselves available to the client. Home sellers need someone that is available to quickly resolve issues, and relay important information.

All of these factors discussed make it vital to pick a reliable listing agent that is well-experienced and has a good understanding of the local real estate market. You will now have a better idea of what the ideal listing agent should bring to the table. If you are looking to sell your house fast in Los Angeles, then you can depend on Third Power Properties. We provide an exceptional service that leads to a quick sale for the best price.